Detailed Description of Our Project Model

Global Water Consortium (GWC) is proposing the establishment of small sustainable projects that manufacture and distribute safe drinking water. There are large portions of the world that lack drinkable water which leads to both primary and secondary health problems causing unnecessary disease and death. For example, there is an estimated 67 pediatric deaths per hour in India solely due to the lack of clean water, which equals 1,370 deaths per day or 500,000 deaths per year. To impact this, GWC will partner with local nationals to establish these small water manufacture and distribution businesses.

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The consortium (GWC) will function like a global corporate headquarters and partner with individuals point of contacts (POC) at locales in developing countries that function as regional managers for GWC. These regional managers (POCs) will provide oversight and accountability to the individual business man or woman (person) that is chosen to work and develop the local business. The consortium (GWC) will train the local POC’s as well as the individual business person that has been chosen to start the local water business. This education is critical in helping the local business person and population understand the importance of clean water and basic principles of maintaining clean water. In addition, this education is key in developing business people that can operate a self sustaining business on a daily basis. GWC remains a part of the business development and training over the course of the project (typically three to five years) until the local business person owns the now self supporting business.

To accomplish this project, GWC will use the operational model that includes using filtering and purification technology. This includes such technology as Viqua’s UV products that can purify up to 501,438 liters (132,507 gallons) every 24 hours! This technology only weighs 29 lbs!

These small sustainable projects are established based on onsite sponsorship, evaluation, and monitoring where a local individual becomes a franchise owner in a water project. Financial capital is provided by GWC via philanthropic donors and individual projects. GWC provides business operational startup and monitoring over the life of the project. Individual project goals are established when the individual project is approved and function as a guide to self-sustainment and individual franchise ownership.

When the local national POC completes the three to five year process and has proven the project and operational capability, GWC will officially graduate the project franchise owner. This includes an onsite review. GWC will remain available for assistance and insight much like a headquarters of a traditional franchised company.

With the establishment of primary small sustainable projects that manufacturing and distribute water, secondary benefits and therefore future business opportunities will result. These include, but are not limited to, food preservation as well as health and wellness monitoring.

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