India: Kadali Project

What are we going to do:

Mr. Pete Savard (GWC) and Shravan Kumar (Kadali, India)

GWC will establish a mobile water manufacture and distribution business with Mr. Shravan Kumar functioning as regional manager (POC) for GWC. GWC’s base operational model includes mobile Solestreme™ water purification technology and bicycle nodes of transportation. The mobile Solestreme™ technology produces up to 21,600 gallons of purified water every twenty four hours with a unit weighing only 60 pounds that has the following dimensions: 28 inches x12 inches x19 inches.

These small businesses are established based on onsite sponsorship, evaluation, and monitoring where a local individual becomes a franchise owner in a water business. Financial capital is provided by GWC via philanthropic donors and individual projects. The POC will provide oversight and accountability to the individual business person. The consortium (GWC) will train the local POC’s as this education is critical in helping the local business person and population understand the importance of clean water and basic principles of maintaining clean water. After a three to five year process that proves capability, GWC will officially graduate the business owner. This includes an onsite review and a gift that constitutes a set of consumable items as a jump start to their own business. GWC will remain available for assistance and insight much like a business headquarters of a traditional U.S. based company. Benefits include: clean, safe water, women having time to do other things for their family, children having time to do homework and play. Secondary benefits include food preservation as well as health and wellness monitoring.

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