India: Kadali Project

What are we going to do:

Global Water Consortium (GWC) is proposing the establishment of a sustainable small business that manufactures and distributes safe drinking waters in Kadali, India.

The case for change:

  • Kadali, India and surrounding areas lack drinkable water.
  • Bad water leads to both primary and secondary health problems causing unnecessary disease and death.
  • There is an estimated 57 pediatric deaths per hour in India solely due to the lack of clean water (1,370 deaths per day or 500,000 deaths per year).
  • There are many different types of water sources in Kadali but they are all contaminated.
  • The Godavari River is contaminated and has raw sewage draining into is as seen in this picture.
  • Religious beliefs in India have the ashes of those who have passed away being poured into the river as well.
  • The palm groves flood during the rainy season but harbor both human waste and Entamoeba Histolytica due to the shallow root systems of the palm trees.

Water sources in Kadali :

A Canal in Kadali
The Godavari River
Palm Groves flood during the rainy season
A local bore hole in Kadali
A local well in Kadali

Current solutions are typically onetime events that are not sustainable such as the drilling of wells. While the drilling of wells is reasonable and necessary, they can provide sub-standard and contaminated water over a period of time. In nearby Indonesia a study was conducted in 2012 and stated that the “Indonesian Ministry of Health found that over 80% of the wells are contaminated with Escherichia coli” .

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