Boca Cerrada, Columbia Project

What are we going to do:

Global Water Consortium (GWC) is proposing the establishment of a small sustainable projects that manufactures and distributes safe drinking waters in Boca Cerrada, Columbia.

The case for change:

  • Boca Cerrada, Columbia is one of many towns on a river system in Columbia yet they and the surrounding villages lack drinkable water.
  • Bad water leads to both primary and secondary health problems causing unnecessary disease and death.
  • The main water sources in Boca Cerrada are the rivers and any free standing water. They are all contaminated.

Water sources in Boca Cerrada:

                                                                         There is little effort to impact the water in this region.

How we are going to make a difference:

  • GWC will establish a mobile water manufacture and distribution small sustainable projects.
  • GWC’s base operational model includes mobile filtering and Viqua™ water purification technology as well as canoe nodes of transportation.

  • The mobile Viqua™ technology produces up to 501,438 liters (132,507 gallons) every 24 hours! This technology only weighs 29 lbs!

  • These small sustainable projects are established based on onsite sponsorship, evaluation, and monitoring where a local individual becomes a franchise owner in a water project. Financial capital is provided by GWC via philanthropic donors and individual projects.
  • The POC will provide oversight and accountability to the individual POC.
  • The consortium (GWC) will train the local POC’s as this education is critical in helping the local project personnel and population understand the importance of clean water and basic principles of maintaining clean water.
  • After a three to five year process that proves capability, GWC will officially graduate the franchise project owner.
  • This includes an onsite review.
  • GWC will remain available for assistance and insight much like a business headquarters of a traditional U.S. based company.
  • Benefits include: clean, safe water, women having time to do other things for their family, children having time to do homework and play.
  • Secondary benefits include food preservation as well as health and wellness monitoring.

What it will take:

  • There two phases to this project for GWC.
    • Phase 1 – 25,000.00 United States Dollars (USD) for the initial site visit and evaluations.
    • Phase 2 – Boca Cerrada specific funds for five-year pilot project: this number is yet to be determined and will come as a result of completing the first phase. This amount will fund the start-up, travel, and all capital and operational equipment to get the local business up and running for a five year period.

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