Financial Accountability Statement

  • GWC values the individuals, groups, organizations, foundations, and donors as well as their financial gifts to our mission.  GWC operate as stewards of these funds and in doing so will use the funds given to the organizations and operate in a faithful, trustworthy, and transparent manner.
  • GWC is governed by our board of directors. 
  • Contributions to GWC are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law as GWC is an approved 501(c) (3) by the United States Internal Revenue Service.  To assist our donors with their tax-deductible gifts, GWC will receipt all donations with fair market value of any goods or services by our donors.
  • GWC is adamant about respecting the privacy of our donors.  Therefore, we will not sell or rent our donors names, addresses, mailing lists, or any other data set that might jeopardize the privacy of our donors.  This information will be handled with the utmost security.
  • GWC will use generally accepted accounting principles.  GWC will also use a third party accounting firm or certified public account for audits when a partnership and or funding can be established with the consortium.
  • GWC will apply all project specific funds to the projects directed by the donor to ensure the funds are used for the intended purposes.  It is anticipated that on occasion GWC will receive more money than intended for a specific project.  If and when this occurs, the Board will direct the funds to meet other pressing needs.  The Board has also directed that up to 10 percent of the funds may be used to administer the funds for the projects intended.
  • GWC will not operate the organization on debt.  We will operate the projects with the funding as it is received. On occasion when starting projects overseas, there may be instances where emergency funds may be needed and used. In addition, some capital expenditures may be purchased on borrowed funds as approved by the Board.  If this occurs, GWC will quickly repay these loans.  
  • GWC will publish their Form 990 and annual report on GWC’s webpage.
  • GWC 2015 Form 990
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